Knights of Arkley


Medieval Weddings

Have you ever thought about a medieval wedding? Chances are you haven't, but just picture the scene, a beautiful castle sets the stage for your big day. Why not take it one step further and have a medieval wedding with all the trimmings. Here at The Knights of Arkley we can provide you with traditional medieval costume picture the groom dressed as a Knight full of honour and courage. The bride looking stunning in her gown. Decoration surrounds the venue with shields of arms or drapes casting you back to a bygone age.

Sounds great. The Knights of Arkley have catered for many medieval weddings over the years, our ability to provide great decoration and entertainment has seen our reputation grow from strength to strength over the years. With Knights and Nobleman on horseback greeting your guests as they arrive to the event, and entertainment with swordsman battling it out and Knights in death defying confrontations, this all makes for the perfect in medieval weddings. Our entertainment includes Knights and swordsman in combat and even has competition on horse, these shows are suitable for both indoor and outdoor entertainment.

We can arrange costumes to your own design and even decorate your tables and tableware with you coat of arms, making for a more realistic feel to the big day. On what is the biggest day of your lives, think how the Knights of Arkley can help add that extra special touch. For further details on the services we can provide for medieval weddings and a list of entertainment options please browse further into the website and then call our office where a dedicated member of our team will be able to advise you on what steps you can take towards making your wedding a truly memorable event, or alternatively you can email us for further details.