Knights of Arkley


Medieval Party Hire

When looking for medieval party hire you have found the right website. Here at The Knights of Arkley, we have been providing services of a medieval nature for many years now, our business has grown over the years and we have now established a reputation of providing high quality services and seen us perform at various venues all over the world. When concentrating on your medieval party hire, one area of consideration must be your entertainment, we currently have some fantastic jaw-dropping shows that will captivate your guests and leave them amazed at the dazzling skills on display.

Our Jousting displays are suitable for indoor or outdoor and involve highly skilled and dedicated performers. We have six brave and daring Knights who pit themselves against each other in the dangerous middle age sport jousting. They proceed to approach each other on horseback carrying weapons of malice and proceed to claim victory, with the lance in one hand and shield in their other, who will make the tilt first?

We can also adapt or personalise our displays for medieval party hire making it a truly remarkable unique event for you. We offer a complete package that includes a roped arena and tents and flags for decoration, we also have our own sound system. We offer photos and a private medieval party hire joust. You can meet the Knights and even stroke the horses, great for children as they love to be pictured with these beautiful intelligent animals. We can also give a small presentation about the Knights and their horses and finally you can have the chance to handle the many weapons used for combat in the middle ages, ideal for the adults who still harvest their inner child.

For further information on our medieval party hire please feel free to contact us by phone or email, we are always happy to help.