Knights of Arkley


Medieval Jousting

Here at The Knights of Arkley we have taken a medieval jousting to a new level. New for 2008 we have introduced Noble Challengers of the Realm. This is a complete different concept for our medieval jousting, this event has been created and designed as a main ring attraction and we have combined all our knowledge and experience into providing you with the ultimate showcase in entertainment. This quality presentation consists of six finely dressed and costumed noblemen each riding a fine horse into the Royal Forest where they all meet to compete and challenge each other to a great showing of races and games devised to show their competitiveness and equestrian skills.

Not only do we put on a fantastic show with our Noble Challengers but we also have medieval jousting displays, these displays take in the finest that the sport has to offer and thrill the audience with the daring skills and stunts performed. Competing against each other, six Knights take their horses to compete in the dangerous but entertaining art of medieval jousting. This pits Knights against each other with a series of weapons that are designed to wound and injure your opponent or consequently knock them from their speeding horse. Weapons involve the lance, sword and battle-axe, items that were used in everyday combat back in the 13th to 17th century when medieval jousting was at its most popular and a part of everyday life. Through our hard work and determination to provide the best in entertainment, The Knights of Arkley have performed at major venues all across Europe, putting on spectacular shows and wowing audiences worldwide.

Our displays are completed by commentary and accompanying music with fanfares adding to the occasion. With squires and pages on foot you're sure to be taken back through time to witness a truly momentous event. We have a long history of working with some of the finest producers and directors of major events to be staged and our hard work, commitment and dedication means you can rest assured that our ability to work with you will be compatible and enjoyable in order to help make your event a memorable and enjoyable one.

You can contact us either via phone on 01269 861001 or email through this Link. We are more than happy to assist you with any information you require about the excellent service we can provide you with.