Knights of Arkley


Medieval Banquets

When you are hosting an event or corporate function, why not try to spice things up a little with a medieval banquet.  Here at The Knights of Arkley we can offer entertainment and decorations for your venue transforming it into a scene from the middle ages. When providing a medieval banquet we also cater for the entertainment, both of our displays are available to hire this includes the popular Noble Challengers of the Realm and we have fantastically skilled swordsman who can conjure up a great show of skill and courage. We can have Knights or Nobleman on horseback to great all your guests as they arrive at your venue.

We take great pride in transforming your arena in to a medieval banquet showpiece and have banners and shields that we place around the venue to give it that true medieval feel. We can also provide flags and drapes to cover any existing wall decoration, so that no element of the modern day is present. Our drapes are in dark navy and are very lightweight, they are 5ft by 13ft in size and can be suspended from many fixings and we have a massive range of 40 sections available.

At The Knights of Arkley we are dedicated to making a medieval banquet complete with a range of fantastic entertainment and what better way to sit down to enjoy your meal than to witness six brave Knights contesting against each other in a variety of skills that include daring stunts and showmanship. Witness the breath taking event that see's two Knights compete in a joust to the tilt using an array of weapons designed to knock or injure their opponent such as swords and the lance and all this is done whilst skilfully riding a horse.

For further information on what we can add to your medieval banquets please feel free to contact us on 01269 861001 or contact us via email Here