Knights of Arkley


Medieval Banners

At The Knights of Arkley we can provide your event or function with medieval banners to help portray that era when Knights and Nobleman often graced the land. We can supply each venue with up to 40 medieval banners and drapes that will cover any modern day fitting or furnishing and give you that middle age feel. Our drapes have a width of 5ft and a depth of 13ft meaning that there is plenty of material to cover up anything you wish to hide for a more authentic visual experience of the Middle Ages. Threreare many things in which you can do at your event or party when looking for a medieval theme. We can help supply you with entertainment of the highest quality from Knights and Nobleman battling it out for supremacy as well as skilful acts such as jousting with a lance and other weapons and all this done on horseback. We can supply guards to meet and greet your guests as they arrive at the venue.

We also have a wide selection of costumes for hire for you event and could dress a small army. We can arrange for costumes to be supplied in your corporate or company colours as well as logo's and we can even decorate table and fixtures with you coat of arms. With medieval banners and other fine quality materials setting the scene, you can take your event to the next level by hiring The Knights of Arkley for you function, wedding or any other event. All our displays are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and all our Knights and horses are highly skilled and trained.

For further information on medieval banners and any service that The Knights of Arkley can provide, please feel free to contact us.