Knights of Arkley


Jousting Tournaments

Here at The Knights of Arkley we have built up a reputation and pride ourselves on providing high quality jousting tournaments for your entertainment. Jousting is a sport that is played by armoured combatants namely Knights who are mounted on horses and consists of two contestants. These Knights then proceed in martial combat using a different variety of weapons usually a lance, battle-axe or sword. The intention is to tilt your opponent with the lance or strike blows with the battle-axe and finally stroke with the sword. Jousting tournaments we hugely popular during the middle ages and became a firm favourite with both royalty and towns folk.

The first recorded jousting tournaments on record were staged in 1066, the same year as the battle of Hastings, although they didn't gain widespread recognition until the 13th century.

At the Knights of Arkley our jousting tournaments and displays are now a long established and popular form of entertainment that features six brave and defiant Knights who succeed in providing their audience with a action packed, fun filled show that will capture the imagination of audiences of all ages.

You can almost picture the occasion, as if the middle ages were the present day. With scenery and surrounds at your arena representing transforming it to a medieval extravaganza.

Our Knights have performed at many top venues throughout Britain and Europe dazzling audiences with their jousting tournaments competition. Both horses and combatants dressed in true medieval style pit themselves against each other in daring fashion in the Skill at Arms and then take control of their lance and shield and they joust along the tilt.

Our jousting tournaments also feature their own commentator and music as we whisk you back to a time gone by. For further details on our displays or any other service we provide, please feel free to contact us where a member of are friendly team is always happy to help.