Knights of Arkley


Jousting Displays

The Knights of Arkley providing a high quality and well-choreographed jousting displays for entertainment for all ages. Jousting is contested by armoured competitors ready for combat namely Knights, riding horses and each competition consists of two riders. The Knights then compete in martial combat using various weapons that consist of a lance, battleaxe or sword. The Knights aim to wound or knock down their opponent using these weapons and in the middles ages jousting displays were a form of sport and valued very high in regard by royalty and enjoyed by village people who would gather in mass to watch a competition.

At the Knights of Arkley we have built up a long standing reputation of delivering high performance and outstanding shows, and this we are very proud of, our jousting displays are now a long established and popular form of entertainment that features six very brave and determined Knights whose goal is to provide their audience with a spectacular show that will leave the audience asking for more after bearing witness to a truly remarkable event.

With our costume and scenery taking the shape of a traditional middle age setting, you could almost be forgiven for believing that these times were the present day. We take great pleasure in transforming your arena into a middle age fest and extravaganza, this helps capture the imagination of all those who come to witness what middle age competition and entertainment was all about.

Our performers and Knights have showcased their talents at many of the great stages throughout Britain and Europe delighting audiences with their jousting displays. Dressed in true medieval style both the competitors taking stage with their horse, pit themselves against each other in courageous competition including the Skill at Arms and then as they grasp a firm hold of their lance and shield they proceed to joust along the tilt.

Our jousting displays also feature their own commentator and music further aiding the true visualisation of a time that has long since passed. For further details on our displays or any other service we provide, please feel free to contact us where a member of are friendly team is always happy to help.